IP wireless security camera systems.

Digital high capacity wireless connectivity for security cameras systems

Total Control Group Industrial (TCG) is proud to offer the Dery Shepherd wireless IP camera systems exclusively in Australia. With a plethora of cheap and nasty IP cameras flooding the security market the Dery Shepherd system is an industrial strength premium product with the features and reliability required for demanding mission critical applications. The Dery Shepherd wireless IP system is a unique fully digital, full duplex broadcast system with a maximum range of 10km (repeatable for increased range) that provides remote control for partner camera systems, or existing cameras can be utilised. Two remotely controlled cameras are offered for use with the Shepherd wireless IP system including up to 300x zoom capabilities and vandal proof domes. Typical applications are highlighted below, please click on a picture to enlarge it. Brochures and user's guides are below. Please contact us to arrange demonstrations and to discuss your technical requirements.

The Dery system boasts a unique 10km max range, digital full duplex IP video broadcast systems with encryption. Remotely controlled cameras with optical zoom, anti vandalism shields and SDRAM recording backup.

  Highway Management   Weight stations   Industrial monitoring   Agriculture   Marina Secuirty    
  Highway management
traffic monitoring
  Highway management weigh station   Industrial monitoring oil refinery   Industrial monitoring remote oil rig   Agriculture monitoring live stock   Maritime monitoring marina / port security  
  Wide Area monitoriing   Public Safety -Car Parks   Wireless Repeaters   Public Safety -Malls   Remote solar powered   airport security
police station security
public arena security
court & prison security
  Wide area wireless monitoring   Public safety Car park security   Extended range repeating wireless IP bridging   Public safety Shopping mall   Industrial applications Remote solar powered      

For your convenience we are pleased to provide a technical comparison of the Dery Shepherd system and the other existing wireless IP systems.

  Dery Shepherd Trango Videocomm
Technology Digital OFDM  (802.11a) Analogue Traditional FM Analogue Traditional FM
Security Enable/Disable encryption RC4 (WEP) or AES by MagicLink SW None H/W Scrambling (un-disable)
PTZ Function Integrated to Shepherd TM, share 5GHz Buy another 900 MHz PTZ system Buy another 900 MHz PTZ system
Transmission Bi-direction Uni-direction Uni-direction
Application Be able to connect up to 8 cameras via one set system One set system could only connect to 1 camera One set system could only connect to 1 camera
Signal Interference None. While installing 1-8 cameras without adjacent channels interference Much , while installing more than one camera due to adjacent channels interference Much , while installing more than one camera due to adjacent channels interference
NTSC(US)/PAL(EU) Up to 8 cameras ; full D1, 240 Frames/sec Up to 1 camera ; full D1, 30 Frames/sec Up to 1 camera; full D1, 30 Frames/sec
Signal quality Adjustable fixed fixed
Antenna 8 cameras via one set antennas 8 cameras via 8 set antenna 8 cameras via 8 set antenna
Extension ability Mesh network optional None None